Sandhurst Fine Foods Food Dehydrator
SANDHURST FINE FOODS, NSW: AUSTRALIA – Food Dehydrator performing impressively!
November 1, 2010
Vertical Foaming Oven 3
May 26, 2011
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AN INTERNATIONAL PLASTICS Company – Vertical Foaming Oven

Vertical Foaming Oven 4


AN INTERNATIONAL PLASTICS Company – Vertical Foaming Oven replacement well underway; Incinerator replacement nearing completion.

GTD have completed the design, and is well into the manufacture of a Vertical Foaming Oven and Incineration system for foam and composite supplier.

The existing Incinerator will be decommissioned to allow for the GTD Incineration System incorporating a GTD Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser, linked to a GTD Oven Heat Recovery system.

The Vertical Foaming Oven utilises an innovative GTD design entirely different to the existing ‘Vertical 1’ Foaming Oven it will replace. Heat Exchanger banks will feature as the singular heat source for this Oven which, when compared with a typical gas burner heat source Oven, will decrease gas consumption and therefore operating costs dramatically.