GTD manufactures integrated Heat Recovery Equipment utilising the following technology:

  • Thermal Oxidisers (Regenerative)
  • Thermal Oxidisers (Recuperative) ie/ RTO’s
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Industrial Gas Incinerators

We have many Thermal Oxidiser designs that can be matched to your effluent air stream to return a treated airstream, whilst advantageously returning energy to your plant.

In more detail, almost all organic pollutants are considered as fuels. The heat recovery process involves recovering some of the energy from these pollutants during the thermal oxidisation or incineration process. This energy is usually recovered in the form of heat and can be returned to the original process, or transported elsewhere. This effectively reduces the energy consumed by your plant, saving money.

Processes that incorporate the use of organic coatings release Volatile Organic Compounds (or V.O.C’s). V.O.C.’s are pollutants that must be treated. Incineration or treatment via Thermal Oxidisation is the most effective method of treatment from both a destruction-efficiency and cost-efficiency standpoint.

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