اسهم شركة اعمار GTD manufactures Coil Line Ovens for Painting Lines. We recognise the essential design requirements for each stage of the paint process and optimise the performance of our Paint Line Ovens to suit your coating.تداول-جديد

وسطاء ثنائية الخيار قبول باي بال We have compiled a considerable library of empirical data detailing all aspects of heat transfer and solvent evaporation. This information has allowed us to develop an accurate computer model of Strip performance and Oven operation.

official site This allows us to perfectly match our design to your requirements. We have the ability to design for numerous coatings, such that coatings from any or all manufacturers may be used, without the need for unusual additives or formulations to aid paint cure.

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اسعار الذهب في سوق واقف قطر The paint process of colour coating metallic substrates, with a durable and weather-resistant coating, requires three distinct, continuous and interdependent operations. These three operations take place within the Coil Line Oven of the Colour Coil Coating Line.

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حكم تجارة الفوركس The first operation is the removal of the carrier from the organic coating via curing. This process requires careful control to prevent product degradation.

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بيع اسهم شركة بوان The second operation is the heating of the near-solvent less coating to exothermic temperature.

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تداول اسهم ام القرى الثلاثاء ١ ١٠ The third operation is maintaining the coating temperature for a specified time to ensure effective paint curing.

كيف يمكنني ربح المال سريعا GTD also manufacture integrated Fume Incinerators and Air to Air Heat Recovery Equipment to remove airborne pollutants and minimise energy usage.

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