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August 30, 2011
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INTERNATIONAL PLASTICS COMPANY – Foaming Line Installation Complete

Vertical Foaming Oven 6

INTERNATIONAL PLASTICS COMPANY – Foaming Line Installation Complete.

GTD have completed the installation of a Foaming Line for an International plastics company in South East Asia.

The project, a joint venture betweenan International plastics company in South East Asia and GTD Pty. Ltd., aimed to improve productivity, diversify the product range, and further increase the already high standard of product.

The heating component of the Foaming Line was constructed at GTD’s premises in Peakhurst, NSW. Two ‘40 foot Hi-Top’ and one ‘40 foot flat-bed’ shipping containers were required to transport the Vertical Pre-Heating (VPH) Oven, Horizontal Pre-Heating (HPH) Oven, Vertical Foaming Oven (VO), Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser with Oven Heat Recovery system, and control system to port Laem Chabang, Thailand.

Of unique design is the Vertical Foaming Oven component of the Foaming Line. The innovative design features Heat Exchangers as the singular heat source. The design and fabrication is extremely complex however, when compared with a typical gas burner heat source Oven, gas consumption is dramatically decreased resulting in significant reductions in operating costs.

The control system features full HMI control via Citect SCADA including automatic PID control of temperature and airflow as well as fully automatic startup and shutdown, comprehensive alarming and data trending.

User levels define different levels of functionality. This allows the plant engineer full control over the system, whilst the Operator is limited in the amount of control – this minimizes production errors and downtime.

The control system also features independent Manual control enabling the system to be operated in its entirety via the switches on the Control Cabinet.

The Vertical Foaming Oven (VO) and Recuperative Thermal Oxidiser were completed by July 2011.

The Vertical Pre-Heating (VPH) Oven and Horizontal Pre-Heating (HPH) Oven were completed in early August 2011.

The Oven Heat Recovery system components, ductwork and Control System were completed in late August 2011.

The International plastics company in South East Asia manufactures crosslinked polyethylene foam under the internationally recognised brands.