A Burn-Off Oven or Furnace is an effective method to remove cured polymeric coatings, polymeric paints and, varnished and decorative coatings from metallic parts via pyrolysis of the hydrocarbons in the polymers.

Typical Burn-Off Oven and Furnace Applications include:

Motor Burnout – a front or top-loading oven employs high temperatures to remove impregnated insulation and over-varnish

Paint Jig Cleaning – similar to Motor Burnout Oven, but is usually operated at lower temperatures. This is due to the lower pyrolysis temperatures of the paints, and the depth of the polymer coating (a light coating is generally applied to the outside of the jig)

Plastics Jig Tooling Burnout – due to the range/size/shape of tooling, these Ovens are custom designed to suit. Depending on how the tooling will be loaded into the work chamber, the designs may be cross-draught airflow (for tooling racked on horizontal shelves) or updraught airflow (for larger tooling in work chambers sized to suit).

Dependant on the constituents of the polymer, the temperature employed may be as high as 450°C, with the time dependant on the type of coating and its applied depth.

The pyrolysis process should be conducted at a rate commensurate with non-combustion of the polymer such that the polymer chars without igniting. To achieve this, an even temperature distribution within the working chamber is critical. This evenness determines the speed of removal, rather than the ultimate temperature.

A badly designed Burn-Off Oven or Furnace, with unequal temperature distribution, will over-char the hottest section of the work piece. It will continues to do so until either the excessive heat from the hottest part travels through the work piece, or the air heats enough to continue the process.

GTD Burn-Off or Burn-Out Ovens feature the evenness of temperature distribution necessary for rapid and safe polymer removal. Via a high volume recirculation fan, the Oven will maintain a constant and even airflow over the work piece, virtually irrespective of its shape.

The Gas Fired versions utilise excellent burner combustion control to minimise the free oxygen in the chamber. This reduces the chance of polymer ignition and reduces effluent output.

Integrated Fume Incineration and Oxidiser Treatment of the flue cases, is available on all models.

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