To assure yourself that a GTD Oven will perform as required, we invite you to dry, bake, heat or dehydrate your product in the GTD Test Oven. The Test Oven features identical construction, components and control system design to a full scale GTD Drying Oven. Simply, it is a down-sized production Drying Oven. The performance is accurately replicated and as such, we are able to transform results from product testing into a Drying Oven suited to the customer’s needs.

The work chamber of the Test Oven measures 745mm wide x 540mm deep x 420mm tall, and has a maximum operating temperature of 150°C, or 302°F.

The multiple perforated shelves within can be arranged to your requirement.

The Oven employs an electric motor and fan to provide an extremely even airflow, and electric elements to maintain a very accurate temperature throughout the work chamber.

The temperature is controlled via an RKC Precision Instruments temperature controller featuring tuneable PID control.

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