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KINGAROY, QUEENSLAND: AUSTRALIA – refurbishment successful!
March 29, 2010
BlueScope Steel Refurbished Incinerator EnRoute
BLUESCOPE STEEL, QLD: AUSTRALIA – Incinerator en route
June 30, 2010
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BLUESCOPE STEEL, QLD: AUSTRALIA – refurbished Incinerator

BlueScope Steel Refurbished Incinerator

BLUESCOPE STEEL, QLD: AUSTRALIA – refurbished Incinerator nearing completion:

GTD has been commissioned by BlueScope Steel, Acacia Ridge, to refurbish the paint fume incinerator of its prime paint line.

The recuperative Incinerator is a GTD designed and manufactured unit, of which the original was supplied to BlueScope Steel approximately 17 years ago.

The extent of the refurbishment is limited to a replacement of the ‘front end’ of the Incinerator, namely the burner and primary heat recovery exchanger.

GTD expects to have completed the in-house rebuild by weeks end, and will be handling the installation likely to be scheduled for late July, 2010.

BlueScope Steel is the leading steel company in Australia and New Zealand, supplying products that play a big part in people’s everyday lives, including vital components in suburban houses, landmark buildings and structures, popular makes of cars, and containers for food and beverages